USS McMorris Scrap Book

These links will take you to pictures of the USS McMorris and snapshots of the crew and some of the things that we saw in our travels. Be prepared for relatively slow loading pages. It is not possible to get both detail and speed with pictures

Bob Beach scanned over 200 photos from his 1962 WestPac cruise.

Bob Beach's Pictures

Dan Cabbett sent some nice pictures from 1970 that show life and fun aboard ship and also a little yard activity.

Dan Cabbet's Pictures

Here is the first picture of the Mac that I found on the web. It was submitted by Steve Crate from the 1973 WestPac. Steve added a picture from Hong Kong harbor showing a "water taxi" approaching the Mac and a couple from Pango Pango.

Steve Crate's Pictures

Victor McDaniel's picture shows him standing in front of the "Mac" in late 1970 while she was preparing for WestPac.

Victor McDaniel's Picture

Paul "Kevin" Parmenter sent a couple of pictures from 1971 that show the "Mac" in port and give a good comparison with other ships.

Paul "Kevin" Parmenter's Pictures

Jon Tufts sent some picture of James Pike, Bill Pope, Frank Moore and himself from 1961. He also sent one of him with one of the newest members of the "McMorris Family," his granddaughter "Tana."

Jon Tufts' Pictures

Victor Yanosy contributed some nice shots from 1969-70. See the Mac in Pago Pago, some various activities aboard the ship and get a look at what Adm. Zumwalt did for the Navy.

Vic Yanosy's Pictures

Ron Prentice sent in a photo taken in Hong Kong, 16 November 1962, of crew members who were recently promoted. He no longer remembers who the other shipmates are. So we have a memory test for you. If you can identify anybody in the picture send the name(s) to me ( and we'll give you credit for the ID under Ron's picture.

Ron Prentice's Picture

Vinnie Modarelli sent us some pictures from 1970-72 time frame. Some of his friends aboard and a recent photo so that we'll all recognize him in San Diego!

Vinnie Modarelli's Pictures

Jim Cirillo sent a picture of the McMorris in Sidney from about 1967. I also added a link to a similar picture from Steve Crate for a comparison. (You can see more of Steve's pictures from the link above.)

Jim Cirillo's Picture

Mac in Sidney ('67 and '73)

Lee Mairs sent a good, clean picture of the "McMaru" underway, about 1967.

Lee Mairs' Picture

Andrew Strom sent in a picture of his Father, Richard "Dick" S. Strom, who was aboard about 1960.

Andrew Strom's Picture

Nelson Miller (BM3) gave us pictures of himself and an Equator crossing during his time aboard (65-67).

Nelson Miller's Pictures

William Ignarski (RM3) shared pictures of himself and the ship and some more pictures of an Equator crossing (1967?).

William Ignarski's Pictures

Duane Baumgartner (ENCS) sent us pictures of himself and LCDR D.L. Hark.

Duane Baumgartner's Pictures

Ray Greene of USNS HOYT S. VANDENBERG sent pictures taken by him during SpecOps with the Mac sometime in 1965-66.

Ray Greene's Pictures


Skip Reynolds gave us a handful of snapshots from 1970 of his friends and time aboard. He included one with one of our Russian "friends" in the background.

Skip Reynolds' Pictures

I've got two pages of pictures (hey, there has to be SOME advantage to being the Webmaster!). The first is of friends from 1973. The second is more universal, it shows the Shellback initiations from 1973.

Scott Vliek's Pictures

Crossing the Equator

This last link leads to a page with some very nice pictures of the ship. Included are three photographs from the Commissioning Ceremonies, San Diego, and Pearl. Skip Reynolds supplied some very good descriptions. These photos came from CAPT Martin Zenni, CAPT Rudy Daus, Mrs. Judy Hark (wife of LCDR Donald Hark) and CAPT Jeffery Schneider. I felt that these pictures belonged together, so rather than separate pages for each contributor, I've put the name of the contributor with the individual photo. Also, because of the size of these, the link goes to a page with "thumbnail" pictures that lead to the full size picture.

The USS McMorris

Thanks to all who were able to supply these. I hope you enjoy them.