USS McMorris - Collision Pictures

On 31 January, 1967 at or about 20.38.5N and 156-48.5W, USS McMorris DE-1036 and the Gasoline Tanker USS Tombigbee AOG11 collided. Senior Chief Engineman Charles Sossamon and ETN3 David Frick were killed, RM3 William Ignarski was grieviously injured. Also injured were SM1 Floyd Mitchell (fractured heel), SN Michael Sterling (internal injuries, fractured leg), AG2 Richard Vermoch (Fractured left forearm/Jaw, lacerations), BM1 Max Ray (lacerations, possible fractures, puncture wound), QMSN Gerald Smith (multiple lacerations), SH3 Maynard Long (lacerations, possible fracture), RM3 Harvey Whitney (lacerations), RD3 Gary Bergstrom (lacerations). Gary attended our first reunion in Charleston, SC in 1997. These are the pictures of the damage to the McMorris. The story is told here.